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by | Jul 21, 2023

Nia Simone

In this series of selfportraits, Comptonbased artist Nia Simone uses her surrealist style and the vivid colors of her oil paints to capture her interior life in striking detail. Set against lush landscapes or in narrow rooms, the shifting sense of scale in the paintings pulls the viewer towards a complex understanding of the subjects relationship with her environment. Whether the subject is crouched in a bathroom or standing tall and shining like the sun, Simone captures the dreamlike lens through which our emotions color the world. Here, the rich textures of her artwork mirror the layered experiences that overlap throughout the series. The tears that often contour Simones painted face fill bathtubs and oceans, and they water the flowers where she sits next to her mother. Evocative and mesmerizing, this portfolio is a nuanced journey into the artists selfreflection.

Crying Rivers and Oceans (2016). Oil on mixed media paper. 18×24. Copyright Nia Simone, 2023.


Baptize Me (2020). Oil on canvas. 12×16. Copyright Nia Simone, 2023.

Letting Love Go (2021). Oil on canvas. 36×48. Copyright Nia Simone, 2023.

Lady in the White Dress; Missing Her Abstinence (2022). Oil on canvas. 24×30. Copyright Nia Simone, 2023.

In My Room (2022). Oil on canvas. 20×20. Copyright Nia Simone, 2023.

Mother’s Pain is Daughter’s Pain, Daughter’s Pain Makes the Flowers Grow (2023). Oil on canvas. 30×40. Copyright Nia Simone, 2023.

Nia Simone

Nia Simone


Nia Simone is an oil painter based in Compton, California. She specializes in surrealist works that explore states of mind to invoke feeling and thought within her viewers.