Publab Issue Four Cover: 2021


 mixed media on paper (acrylics, collage, and golden leaf) / 2020 / 40 x 30 cm


The West Wind depicts one of the four sons of the wind god Ehecatl, who sustains one of the corners of the sky. They are also known to be messengers of the underworld gods and were associated with owls. The wind as vital impulse had a huge influence on Mesoamerican belief systems and ways of thinking.



Artist Statement

My work re-interprets the characters, myths, and narrations of the Mexican folk imaginary. These narratives are presented as a living manifestation of an ancestral culture, which has been transformed as it has integrated into a globalized society.

I recreate the process of cultural miscegenation by incorporating universal concepts into the myths and legends of Mexican tradition. I create a contemporary version of them, which allows them to remain valid in the collective memory. At the same time, I generate my own aesthetic with a metaphorical language based on referents such as surrealism, symbolism, magical realism, artistic illustration, fantastic art, and indigenous art.

The aesthetic discourse of my work starts from the manifestations and artistic expressions that the human being creates in response to concern about their origin and place in the world. Through experimentation and application of traditional techniques, together with the most current materials, I emphasize the importance of syncretism — that which gives form and character to our contemporary identity.

For more of Milka Lolo’s visual art, follow her on instagram @milka.lolo.